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It is impossible to keep the oldest fruits and vegetables at the top of a container without emptying everything to place the freshest ones on bottom. We have solved that problem by allowing you to fill at the top and grab from the bottom. This brown handwoven wicker vegetable basket has an open tray at bottom allowing the oldest pieces to be the most accessible ones.


Fill with potatoes, onions, oranges or other fresh food and easily grab the oldest from the bottom of the stack


Handwoven wicker makes a beautiful accent piece for the kitchen décor


Can be both decorative & practical at the same time


14"L x 6"W x 10.5"H


Item ships directly from factory.  Item does not ship from The Lucky Rabbit.  Shipping Times may vary.

14" Handwoven Wicker Vegetable Basket with Lid

SKU: DF3170
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