store Pickups

Q:   Do I need to make an appointment to pickup something that I purchased?

A:   An appointment is only needed if you are picking up outside of our regular business hours, the first Thursday-Sunday. Just show up with your receipt.

If you are unable to pickup while we are open, no worries, continue reading all the information below.

Scheduling A Pickup

Here's a few things you'll need and to know:

- Your Receipt -

Just a picture of it will do.

- Helping hands -

We can't guarantee that the person meeting you for your pickup can do any heavy lifting.

- Hauling supplies -

You'll need to bring any necessary straps, blankets or any other tie downs needed to secure your purchase.

- an appointment -

You'll need to schedule a time to pickup your goods. All pickups must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. 

- loading dock -

It's where all the loading magic happens. When you arrive for your appointment, pull to the North side of the building to the loading dock. It's the right side of the building, if you are looking at our front doors.

Please follow all the instructions for booking your appointment. You'll need to text a copy of your receipt to the listed number on the page, it's an important step of the process.